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Economics Assignment Help

Great “Thomas Carlyle” termed Economics as “dismal science” and in common man’s language economics is the whole process of putting together the resources available in our economy in multiple or in scarcity, efficiently combining them to accelerate the production, and then further the distribution and finally satisfying the human wants. It’s a core process and emphasis on how resources available in our country can be utilized efficiently to give the utmost growth to our economy.

Plus, economics gives an edge to how people make choices in scarcely available resources to support their unlimited wants; hence the law of diminishing marginal utility is an important factor in study of economics. Not only one concept but there are many factors which make us understand how this economy works. Therefore, this is a very interesting subject, which is being studied all over the world. It directly relates to the functioning of assets in a respective country.

Economics is categorized into two huge concepts: Micro Economics and Macro Economics.

Economics takes care of some of the following concepts that how they function. And are economists taking care of the processes which help in determining if the country’s economy is progressing or not?

  • * Competition among the firms to maximize their profits
  • * Efficiently utilizing the available resources
  • * Economist analyzing how the economic value being effected by taxes and regulations
  • * Determination of interest rates
  • * How economists determine the interest rate
  • * Functioning the inflow and outflow of currency
  • * What to save? What to spend?
  • * Determining the price and quantities of items

We can say that the concepts of economics are vast and therefore need to be studied at all levels.

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