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Computer Science Help

Computer Science is the study of mathematical aspects of computing and techniques of real circumstances for implementing and applying in computer science. Computers now days are being used in all the areas of our lives, be it ordering a food from a restaurant, ordering goods online, doing shopping, books reading, hiring a tutor or anything. So computer science experts are those who makes and implement these technologies for making our world easier and better. Here, at Scholars Junction we have tutors who can help you with your Computer Science homework help or any assignment related to Computer Science. These tutors at Scholars Junction have high level of understanding of the subject with extremely good experience of teaching students at each level. We provide best live online tutors for computer science.

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1. Theoretical computer Science

  • * Theory Of Computation
  • * Information and Coding Theory
  • * Algorithms and data structures
  • * Programming and language theory
  • * Formal methods
  • * Concurrent, parallel and distributed system
  • * Database and information retrieval

2. Applied Computer Science

  • * Artificial intelligence
  • * Computer architecture and engineering
  • * Computer graphics and visualization
  • * Computer security and cryptography
  • * Computational science
  • * Information science
  • * Software engineering