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Education marketplace applications provide instructors, teachers and students with a place to list and browse classes, tutorials and online lessons for free or a fee. Quizlet Live ranks all education marketplace apps based on worldwide popularity.

What are the differences to ther apps?

Quizlet is completely free. Most study apps have fees attached.

Quizlet Features:

  • Flashcards
  • Speller with 18 languages
  • Learn mode to track progress
  • Test prep with graded quizzes
  • Scatter game for matching words to definitions in timed competition with friends
  • Space Race game for typing words before definitions vanish from screen

What is the history and popularity of the app?

Quizlet was founded in 2005 by a 15 year old student as a way to study for his high school French Class to assist in learning vocabulary. It is headquartered in San Francisco, California with average monthly unique visitors of between 1.5 to 2 million. It is being used by teachers and students to help study content of all kinds. It has been featured in Mashable, The Boston Globe, PC World, lifehacker, and more.

How does the web app look and feel to use?

Once registered, the user is invited to either view a tutorial of the application or, if a teacher, to visit the Teacher’s page. The tutorial features the ways Quizlet may be used. Users may search all of Quizlet for existing quizzes or create the material themselves.

Six study modes are offered: Flashcards, Speller (with 18 languages), Learn mode to track progress, Test to take a practice test, Scatter to match words and definitions in a timed competition with friends, and Space Race to earn points by typing in a word before the definition disappears from the screen.

The Study with friends option encourages studying in a group, the classroom, and to use friendly competition as a motivator.

Quizlet does not a formal application, but is compatible with several existing apps that are powered by the Quizlet API. Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, and Nook are all listed on the site.

Set champions are listed on the page and flashcard sets may be shared via Facebook, Twitter, or via embedded link.

  • Users may use flashcard sets that are already available on the website. For example, during testing, a search for “SAT” was entered and 5,000 plus flashcard sets were available.
  • The Speller app was interesting as it read the word aloud and the user had to type the spelling of the word. If incorrect, the correct spelling was presented and the user was asked to type it again.
  • The word could be repeated and the voice speed could be adjusted.
  • The Test portion allowed the user to choose written, matching, multiple choice, and/or true/false questions.
  • Prompts could be chosen either with the term or definition.
  • The test could be printed out or regenerated for more practice and a grade is provided at the end.
  • The Learn tab is best used by those familiar with the choices before starting.
  • There is no word list to choose from, so a list created by another user may not be beneficial.
  • The Scatter game requires matching via drag and drop between words and definitions or synonyms.
  • The user’s time score appears at the end of the game. With Space Race, as with Learn, the user must be familiar with the terms used or they may have difficulty identifying the terms being used.

How does the registration process work and What does it cost to use the application?

Groups may be created or joined and friends invited via email or username.

To create a set, the user enters a title and description of the flashcards, along with the subject.

The user may decide if the set may be viewed by everyone or only a certain group as well as who may edit the flash cards.

The user then adds data in one of several supported languages with as many questions as they desire. It is extremely easy and intuitive.

This is a simple, yet incredibly useful application for studying anything from vocabulary to wildlife, to history.

Users may register via Facebook or create a separate account. Individual accounts require birthdate, username, password, and email address.

Quizlet is free, but newly added Quizlet plus has added features.

Basic Quizlet offers unlimited flashcards, the ability to use images from Flickr, and a maximum of 8 groups.

The plus plan, for $15/year adds the ability to upload the user’s own images, is ad-free, has a Plus badge, and unlimited groups.

Who would you recommend the application to?

This application may be used by everyone from elementary school to adult. There is even a section for professional and careers for studying pharmacology, architecture, and more.

It is incredibly useful and easy to use. It is highly recommended for anyone who needs to study any material at all.