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Biology Homework Help

In simple words, biology is the study of life. That is study of life in all the things in the environment that exists from any smallest non flowering plant to the huge elephant. Keeping this thing in mind, how do we get to know if these things are alive or dead? Is a plant alive or dead? What are the various characteristics of life? These all are some questions that are important to know.

Living things includes: Visible and Non Visible things. Visible could be plants and animals and non visible could be a bacteria. So we can say that life is according to the particular sequence or method. Organisms have very large and complex organization. We all are very clear with the complicated and detailed systems of the basic unit of life known as “Cell”.

Biology is a very vast subject including many topics and subdivisions. However, out of all there are five important principles for the modern biology and they are:

  • Cells are the essential unit of one’s life,
  • Genes are the basic unit of heredity,
  • Newly born species and inherited traits are the product of gradual development.
  • An organism controls the internal environment to cause a stable condition.
  • Living organisms ingest and transform energy.
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